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      With nearly 20 years of experience in the manufacturing of high performance pigments, ER CHEM is dedicated to the R&D, Manufacturing, and Sales of High Performance Organic Pigments, Solvent dyes, master batch and Intermediates. We continuously integrate the industry resources, efforts to provide titanium dioxide, Fluorescent pigments,pearlescent pigment ,maleic anhydride, C8-water and oil repellent, homogenizer, sand mill and so on.


       ER CHEM has powerful manufacturing production ability, with more than 100000 M2 factory area. Over 600 employees ,including about 50 technicians work in ER CHEM. Moreover, we have established a long-term close cooperative relationship with a great number of scientific research institutions and universities. This not only enables us to grasp the latest scientific research directions and technological progress achievements, but also provides a platform for the conversion of the latest technologies.


      ER CHEM is dedicated to supply Pigment Violet 23 to Coating, INK&Plastic Industries with 2 production base in China. The total capacity of finished Pigment Violet 23 is 1600mt/year and crude Pigment Violet 23 is 2000mt/ year.


      Except Pigment Violet 23,ER CHEM also specializes in producing pigment Yellow 147,Pigment Orange 64,Pigment Red 166,Pigment Green 7,Pigment Red 48:2,Pigment Red 48:3,Pigment Yellow 151,Pigment Yellow 180,Pigment Violet 23,Pigment Blue 15:0,Pigment Blue 15:1,Pigment Blue 15:3,Pigment Red 254,Pigment Orange 13,Pigment Orange 73,Pigment Red 122 and other excellent products.   


     What is more, in solvent dye field, our products like Solvent Yellow 14,Solvent Yellow 16,Solvent Yellow 33,Solvent Yellow 93,Solvent Yellow 98,Solvent Yellow 114,Solvent Yellow 163,Solvent Yellow 179, Solvent Orange 60,Solvent Orange 63,Solvent Orange 107,Solvent Violet 13,Solvent Violet 26,Solvent Violet 31,Solvent Violet 36,Solvent Violet 59,Solvent Blue 35,Solvent Blue 36,Solvent Blue 78,Solvent Blue 97,Solvent Blue 104,Solvent Green 3,Solvent Green 5,Solvent Green 28, Solvent Red 24,Solvent Red 23,Solvent Red 52,Solvent Red 26,Solvent Red 111,Solvent Red 135,Solvent Red 146,Solvent Red 149,Solvent Red 179,Solvent Red 195,Solvent Red 196,Solvent Red 197,Solvent Red 207 receive high praise from customers.


         ERCHEM has quickly grown to become a key supplier of high performance organic colorants , capable of serving a wide range of customers in the ink, coating, and plastic industries,because ER CHEM also certified with ISO9001:2008,adopting COA and specification according to international standards.


           We make the world colorful, make mother earth more “Green”. 

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1. In April 2009, the company was established and was responsible for the purchase of chemical products for KEYSTONE in China.
2. In 2015, the world's top 500, pesticide and chemical giant Swiss Syngenta Company purchased products developed by ER CHEM with an annual purchase amount of 10 million yuan.

3. Cooperate with Alibaba International Station to become a gold-quality sincere enterprise cooperation unit, hire Alibaba strategic partner, Shenzhen Tiancheng International Education Group as an enterprise consultant


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North America

Southeast Asia


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Brands : ER CHEM

No. of Employees : >100

Annual Sales : 10 million-12 million

Year Established : 2009

Export p.c : 80% - 90%

Eastern asia: 49%

South asia: 15%

other country: 36%